Increase your productivity

Meet Shaun.

Shaun is an IT specialist for a large legal firm where he manages the IT help desk and monitors storage usage for the company. It was a constant challenge for him to finish one task before being interrupted with another urgent request.

Until ShareFile Voice. 

Now, Shaun can start troubleshooting help tickets by simply asking Alexa using his Amazon Echo device.

Want to join Shaun in becoming more productive? Join our Alexa Skill beta test group today! Click here to sign up.



Easy to use

No complicated interface. No need to open a new tab to get into your ShareFile account!


Natural voice commands

Ask Alexa a question about your ShareFile account as you would ask another colleague.


Fast results

Get ShareFile reports delivered to your inbox within seconds of asking Alexa.

About ShareFile Voice

ShareFile Voice was created by Citrix employees Lauren Pritchett and Chris Tonog. Lauren, a digital marketer, loves the convenience of her voice assistants whether at home or on the go using her smartphone. In 2017, she teamed with Chris, a devops engineer, to figure out how voice assistant technology could be applied to the workplace. 

Today, ShareFile Voice has taken the form of an Amazon Alexa Skill specifically built for ShareFile admins to get access to data faster in order to quickly solve problems at work. To join the beta test group, fill out this form. Once the Skill has been added to your Alexa app, you can start asking it questions such as:

"ShareFile, How do my storage zones look?"
"ShareFile, Please generate an access report."
"ShareFile, Send me an Upload report for today."
"ShareFile, How many users do I have on my account?"
"ShareFile, send me a ShareFile link."
"ShareFile, request documents."

Beta testers are asked to share their feedback with us by emailing More information can be found on our knowledge base article here

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